Games are built out of many components. Here you must also use these components to build a tower. But warnings and errors will try to slow down your progress and false placement can break your entire game.

(the "Exit" button only works for the downloadable version. Use "Esc" for the browser version.)


Download 34 MB


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Yaaaaaaaaaas I wonnnnnnnnnnnnn


I stacted so many Scripts on top of each other. Your game is very cool!

I really liked the idea. It's really fun. liked the name of the game too :D

Thanks for checking my game out!

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Love this! Trial  and error in this case is very enjoyable, would recommend playing without moving things with the mouse, makes the experience quite a lot more interesting. I also love the music

Thank you! I didn't have anyone to show my game before release so i am glad its at least a bit fun to play.