Connect yourself to your enemy and kill other enemies with that connection.

Not all enemies can be defeated in the same way!

Find out how to kill each boss and try to beat your high score.

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Made withUnity


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This is a very cute game! Quite lovely! One thing to improve, maybe try to make the swinging mechanic more intuitive. It is very hard to swing yourself around enemies. Other than that, great job! 

daaaaamn this idea is awesome ! the art is so lovely, the tutorial and to get the hang of the game very well thought and the physics are so good !

Thank you :)

This is great idea for a game! More enemies do seem to spawn in the first run, and it's very satisfying to take out several enemies at once through a single swing. I agree that being able to keep momentum from your swing after letting go and when connecting with enemies would be a nice addition!

This is super neat! Love the art. Definitely fun. I did run into a little glitch though. After about 3-4 runs, I restarted and no enemies spawned :(

Yeah, that glitch happened to me too...

Aw man, that really sucks :(

I guess you'll just have to reload the page.

I like the concept! I personally love swingy physics like this. I wish the swing kept your momentum a bit more - you're stopped when you connect with an enemy. It'd be super sweet to fly between enemies and slinging yourself around at high speeds. Bosses are cool!

Yes, that would be a great addition. Thank you for your feedback.